FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

Your pet sitter arrives at your home for each 30 minute or 1 hour visits. During this time, your pets are played with, cuddled, loved and walked as well we feed, change the water, clean cages and litter boxes or accidental messes in the house..

How many visits a day will my pet need?

How many visits a day your pet require will be determined according to the type of pet, how they are confined and if there is availability to pet doors. Special needs, such as medications or special treatments and the time schedule for these are also taken into consideration. For Dogs we recommend no less than 3 times per day for potty breaks and play time while on vacation.

How will I be charged for services & when do I pay?

I will generate an invoice listing all costs of the services requested and on assignments lasting longer than 4 days we require 50% of the payment is due when the contract is signed and the rest at the first visit for the entire pet-sit assignment. GST is to be added, Payable in Cheques, Money orders or cash only please.

What specific services do you offer?

PAW-riffic Pet & House Services specializes in caring for your pets in your own home during weekend get-always, vacations and while you are at work. We also look after your pets during times of owner illness or injury where routine care for your pet might be disrupted or impossible to give until your recovery. With a veterinary assistant back ground we are also able to administer medications by oral, injection or by subcutaneous fluid.

Will my pets and I meet the pet sitter before service starts?

YES. We will set up a complimentary "Meet and Greer session is requirement before pet-sitting services can begin. During this time, the pet sitter will meet the pets and their owner, have the opportunity to go over all the necessary details and answer any questions that may arise.

What happens when I get back from my trip?

We would appreciate a call upon your return to let us know that our services are no long required. If we do not hear from you or the other designated responsible party, pet-sitting services will continue as previously scheduled and will be charged accordantly.


This is a letter of reference for Esterina Marziale, owner of PAW-riffic Pets & House Services. I cannot explain to you in writing how much this lady has helped my family. She has helped my elderly parents through a tough time and by doing this let them keep their beloved dog with them. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for my parents' dog and for us!!

— Sincerely, Barbara Graff