Our Services

Work Visit

This visit is designed for clients who work long days. This Service includes one 30-minute isit/walk and one potty break later in the day within an 8-hour day.

Vacation Visit

A cat must be visited at least once a day and we recommend 2 or more visit a day for dogs. Each visit will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Potty break

This is a 10 mins visit for pets that don’t require a full length walks or visits.

Other Pets

One aquarium, one bird cage (2 small birds), one parrot, small caged animal (rodents), reptiles and other exotic animals are considered to be one pet and will be individually quoted.

Dog park excursions/field trips

We schedule special field trips or "play dates" for your dog to get a chance to run free, play, and socialize with other dogs at designated leash-free dog parks. This is a З-hour excursion only dogs with basic training and good manners will qualify for this fun and unique service.

Pet Taxi/Transportation

Need someone to take your pets to the veterinarian or the dog/cat Groomer? Pricing starts from the pets home to the destination and back if needed.

Midday Dog Walk

This 20 minute visit is designed for clients who work long days and their pets require a mid-day walk or potty break.

Puppies and Special Needs Pet Care

Puppies and special needs pets just can’t be left alone, but a kennel is not appropriate either. For these pets, we open our home and treat your pet as a member or our family.


A 48-hour cancellation notice is mandatory for a full refund; failure to do so will result in one vacation visit as payment as another client could have used this slot.


This is a letter of reference for Esterina Marziale, owner of PAW-riffic Pets & House Services. I cannot explain to you in writing how much this lady has helped my family. She has helped my elderly parents through a tough time and by doing this let them keep their beloved dog with them. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for my parents' dog and for us!!

— Sincerely, Barbara Graff